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About Us

We were first inspired by our son who from a very early age developed an interest in football (he was trying to kick a football before he could even walk!). Once he was old enough, we wanted to get him involved in football sessions but struggled to find anything in our area that was for his age group. What better way to solve this problem than to create our own fun sessions?!

Dale, having been an FA qualified coach for over 3 years was a great starting point for us. With his experience, we developed games based around the ball that are both fun and challenging. Whilst we provide each child with the platform to improve their football ability, our sessions are also great for improving co-ordination, boosting confidence and building new relationships with other children.

In England, nearly one third of children aged 2 to 15 are overweight. Our sessions are great for physical activity, an important method in tackling childhood obesity.

Our coaching is always enthusiastic, fun and friendly. We have a passion for helping children to achieve their best. We were first inspired by our son; we are now equally inspired by all of the children who attend our sessions.

Dale & Jo